5-in. Horn Growing from Woman’s Head


Sooooo, there’s an elderly woman in China that is known as the “Unicorn Woman” because of a 5-inch horn that’s growing rapidly out of the middle of her head. Liang Xiuzhen, an 87-year-old from southwest China, has been struggling with the mysterious growth for nearly 8 years now. What?!

It may sound insane, but growing a horn is a real, though rare, medical possibility. After years of only treating the horn with home remedies, Ms. Xiuzhen visited a doctor who was able to diagnose her condition as a cutaneous horn. Cutaneous horns are unusual keratinous skin tumors that are typically very small growths, but in rare cases can form into large, sometimes painful protrusions like Ms. Xiuzhen’s “horn.”

Cutaneous horns can be removed using surgery, and especially in extreme cases such as Ms. Xiuzhen’s, doctors are concerned that the growth could be cancerous and malignant. Because of her age, Ms. Xiuzhen and her family are hesitant to consider the surgery. As of now, the horn is still growing! Get more details in the video below.


  1. Aren’t guys wishing to find unicorns?

  2. Aren’t guys wishing to find unicorns?

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