A Hands-Free Tomato Feeding Machine, FINALLY


We’ve all been there: halfway through a long run and getting that powerful craving…for tomatoes. You’re not alone. A lot of people in Japan have apparently been struggling with the running/lack of tomato problem for quite some time now. Luckily, the Japanese juice company Kagome has come up with an invention called “Tomatan”–and the answer to all of your running dreams.

Tomatan was described in an article on deathandtaxes.com as, ” [a] humanoid robot [that] is designed to sit comfortably on a runner’s shoulders and can store up to six medium-sized tomatoes at once. When the runner finds him or herself in need of a snack, they can simply pull a lever in the robot’s leg and let Tomatan do the rest. It weighs about 18 lbs, but what’s a little extra weight compared to finally having a state of the art tomato-to-mouth delivery system?”

Our thoughts exactly. Check out the Tomatan in all its glory below.

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