Amsterdam Club Promises to Spray Gallons of Real Blood on Guests at Halloween Rave


Over 5,000 freaky people pay to attend Halloween event. But will vampires feel cheated?

In what is designed to mimic the opening credits in the action horror movie Blade, a nightclub in Amsterdam is promoting a night of dancing and slipping and sliding around as real human blood is sprayed from overhead sprinklers.

The club, which the location is still being kept a secret, is charging about $30.00 per ticket for guests to attend the world’s first ever “blood rave”.

A Dutch news site, NL Times, claims to have spoken with one of the event’s organizers and although they want to remain anonymous, they claim that after a long search they have developed a special sprinkler system with pipes running across the ceiling and these make it possible to spray gallons of blood over the crowd below. They say they have tested it a number of times with a substance resembling blood.

On their Blood Rave Facebook page, there are over 5,000 guests attending the rave and another 1,100 who are still mulling it over. A post dated as recently as September 29th, 2015, still does not say the event won’t be using real blood.

But with the gruesome event less than two weeks away, word has spread that the event organizers have changed their minds and no real blood will be used. That has infuriated many of the thousands of “freaky people in terms of personality” who purchased tickets expecting to be able to dance and lick and drink the real stuff from the overhead fountain and they are bloody mad that not only is the site of the event not being yet advertised, the event organizers are not refunding any money for tickets sold so far.

This is the teaser video they are using to promote the event. It’s from the opening scene in Blade. Warning – this video may be unsettling for some viewers.




  1. Eeeeew. Thats just really gross. If they spray real blood its disgusting and if they dont are the going to refund 5000???

  2. Hep C, HIV. I see a class action suit. It’s assault if you do it anywhere else. I’m not a lawyer but sometimes play one on FB ….

  3. Pretty sure there would legal and health issues on this

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