Corsets Shrink One Woman’s Waist to a Shocking 16 Inches!

Corsets have been used by both men and women since the 16th century to alter the shape of the wearer’s body. Made of all types of materials, including steel, whalebones, glue and a variety of fabrics, the structure and shape of corsets has changed as often as their construction. However, their main purpose remains the same; to enhance the wearer’s “beauty” and shape.

Though the height of corsets’ popularity was in the Victorian era, people still wear corsets today, popularly as costumes. However, a few dedicated corset enthusiasts, such as 27-year-old Kelly Lee Dekay (seen below) uses them to transform her┬ábody in extreme ways.

Dekay began wearing corsets seven years ago to achieve her dream of resembling her favorite superheroes and characters, such as Catwoman and Jessica Rabbit. By wearing tight corsets and following a strict diet for seven years, she has finally achieved her desired look–a staggeringly small 16-inch waist.

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