Kingii – The Anti-Drowning Bracelet


“When you drive a car, you put your seat belt on,” says Kingii inventor Tom Agapiades in a video describing the device. “When you ride a bike, you put on a helmet. But how do you protect yourself in water?”

The answer is Kingii, a small, portable wristband made of two parts. The first part is an inflatable compartment (similar to a water wing) and the second is a CO2 cartridge that holds compressed air. Once inflated, the Kingii can lift someone up to 275 lbs. to the surface of the water and hold them up to prevent drownings and allow swimmers in distress to get their bearings. Whether you’re a beginner in the pool or get caught up in an unexpected wave at the beach, Kingii has your back. See Kingii in action below!

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