Man Confesses to Murder, Cops Ignore Him and Send Him to Sanctuary City Instead

San Mercury News

Man in San Jose says he tried to turn himself in for murder, but cops told him to go to another police station in Sanctuary City

The man, 28-year old Hugo Castro, walked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail and confessed to stabbing a woman who he once dated. Police turned him away and told him to go to the San Jose Police Department a few blocks away.

Excuse me?

In another CUFBI moment, authorities are not mentioning anything about San Jose being a sanctuary city, but they are trying to explain their actions.


Santa Clara County Main Jail is not in a sanctuary city, so did they refer a murder over to San Jose which is? Photo: San Jose Mercury News

Authorities told ABC7 News that Hugo Castro confessed to stabbing a woman. They said Castro told them the stabbing happened sometime over the weekend, but that the victim’s body was not found until Monday. On Monday, Castro took police to the condo where his ex-girlfriend was discovered strangled and stabbed to death.

Castro told Santa Clara jail staff he wanted to turn himself in and said he even passed a note through the glass window stating that he knew the location of the dead body.

The Sheriff’s Office claims that because Castro didn’t tell them directly he murdered the woman, they took the opportunity to refer him over to the San Jose police station.

In a statement to ABC7 News, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department, which is not a sanctuary city, explains that the custody deputy failed to meet the expectations of the department and we will take appropriate action to deal with the deputy.

Seems jaw-dropping dumb, but the deputy may have considered how close a sanctuary city was to Santa Clara and instead of arresting Mr. Castro he simply told him to go to another police station over in San Jose. San Jose is one of the dozens of sanctuary cities all across the country.

With cops like that, who needs friends?

This is another problem for the main jail, who is under investigation by a commission appointed by the country Tuesday to look into problems including the death of an inmate, allegedly at the hands of guards inside the jail.

Hugo Castro, a 28-year-old San Jose resident, was arrested in connection with the death of a woman who was found dead inside a downtown San Jose apartment Oct. 26.

Hugo Castro was turned away even after giving police a note declaring the location of his murdered girlfriend. Photo: Katie Nelson

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