Man Fused to Chair After Not Moving For 2 Years

man fused to chair

Recently, 43-year-old man who actually got fused to his chair. Yes, physically connected. The Ohio man reportedly had not left his chair for two years; not to eat, not to sleep–not even to go to the bathroom. (Though a woman once found herself in a similar situation when she was fused to a toilet seat.)

The man lived in a home with two other, able-bodied people; a male roommate and his own girlfriend, who brought meals and other necessities to his chair.

When he was found unresponsive one day, emergency services were called. Upon arrival, police officers and emergency personnel had to¬†actually cut a hole in the side of the man’s home to remove him–and the chair, as his body was still physically fused.¬†The conditions of the home were described as “deplorable” and one officer actually had to throw out his entire uniform after helping remove the man from the home.

The Ohio man was rushed to the hospital, and passed away shortly after. See more details below.

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