Man Pulls 11,000 lb. Bus With Only His Hair

bus hair

The Guinness Book of World Records boasts some pretty interesting feats (to say the least) and Kapil Gehlot wanted to add his name to the list.

As a professional stuntman, adventure sports enthusiast and skating coach, 29-year-old Gehlot has spent a lot of time around all things unusual and daring.

Needless to say, going for “the heaviest vehicle pulled by hair” record was his first choice, and he decided that an 11,000 lb. bus was the perfect vehicle for the job.

To ensure that his hair was strong enough to pull the bus, Gehlot said he had to take special care of it with oils and strengthening.

“I had to grow them long. It took a long time to make my hair strong enough to do this. This also scared me at times but I wanted to fight this fear,” he said in one interview.

Whatever he did worked, because he succeeded in pulling the bus 120 meters–on roller skates, of course. See the incredible footage below:

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