Play With Shelter Pets — Anywhere!



All your (cyber) pet dreams have come true! A website called┬ánow offers the ability to “play” with shelter pets online! Bringing much-needed attention to dogs, cats and other animals that are in need of a forever-home, you can go to the site, select the country, city, and/or specific shelter and see a live web-cam of the pets there.

You can also participate in “Reach-in” play, where you can use the controls on your own keyboard to directly control toys in the shelter play area (you can get more information on that here). Besides live web-streams of the animals, there are also tons of resources for you to explore. From pet photo galleries and success stories to membership resources and news, there’s no shortage of new content to explore.

In addition to the obvious “aww” factor, sites like ipetcompanion are helping people connect, share and be more aware of the needs of shelters and the animals in them, all around the world. Being able to see and actually interact with cats and dogs from the comfort of your own home helps to ‘put a face’ to shelters and rescues like never before. Check it out for yourself!

In fact, ipetcompanion has become so popular that there has been a Kickstarter campaign started to develop a version of the reach-in software for home use! You can sign up on the website to be notified when the final product is launched. Now the only problem will be convincing yourself to log out…


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