Policeman Saves Baby Kangaroo

joey 1

When people think of Australia, kangaroos are often the first thing that comes to mind. It’s not as often that people think of Australian police and kangaroos as a natural pair.

In the case of Police Constable Scott Mason, from the Western Australian town of Cue, and a young joey he named Cuejoe, the two have quickly become inseparable.

After little Cuejoe’s mother was tragically killed, Mason decided to adopt the orphaned baby kangaroo, and Cuejoe had become a regular sight at the Burringurrah Community Police Station.

Cuejoe can regularly be seen hopping behind his “dad”, following him around the office and even accompanying Mason on police duties. The little kangaroo has become such an integral part of the police station that he’ll soon have his own uniform, too!

joey 2

When Cuejoe was outside the station and Mason saw a wedge-tailed eagle, one which Mason believed had a 7-foot wingspan, swoop in and pick up Cuejoe.

joey 3Not daring to let a bird take his beloved “baby”, Mason took chase, following the first eagle, and then another, until he was able to finally scare them away.

Unfortunately, tiny Cuejoe suffered several deep wounds during the battle and needed extensive care and recovery to get back to his usual, healthy self.

Thankfully, with some serious TLC from his dad and local vets, it looks like Cuejoe will be making a full recovery.

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