Super Smart Border Collie – Must See

Its no surprise that Border Collies are the most intelligent dogs out there and here we present to you our CUFBI readers Karl the Super Smart Border Collie which we believe is a must see!

These herding dogs typically come in black and white in colour are energetic and need lots of exercise.

Border Collies originate from the United Kingdom and typically live between 13 – 16 years of age.

We were super excited when we found this video of Karl, the Border Collie. Karl correctly identifies and picks up his toys as they are being called out. Among the incredible number of toys he picks out are a beaver, kangaroo, blue dog and fox. We found out that Karl was purchased from a farmer when he was 8 weeks old and is about 7 years of age now. Watch out for the cute head tilt he does and the basket full of toys that Karl has. He really is one lucky dog.

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