The “Floating Seahorse” – Your New, Underwater Luxury Home

floating houseCan’t get enough of the ocean? Now, instead of simply living seaside, you can take up residence IN the water!

In March,┬áDubai developer Kleindienst Group revealed the drawings for the group’s next uber-luxurious project: The Floating Seahorse.

The group has plans to build 42 of these gorgeous, state-of-the-art houses with breath-taking underwater rooms. An article in the Huffington Post describes them: “The buoyant structures will have three levels: an upper deck, a main floor at sea level, and an underwater level. The master bedroom and bathroom will be completely submerged, with panoramic underwater views.” You can’t get a much closer to your favorite sea life than that!

The floating properties were designed and engineered to be part of Dubai’s large artificial island project, aptly named “The World.”┬áThe “Floating Seahorse” name is inspired by the sea life in the Persian Gulf surrounding “The World.” In addition to creating the 42 homes, the development group will also be creating an artificial reef where seahorses can safely live and breed, according to the company.

But if you want to snap up one of these beautiful homes for yourself, you’ll need to act fast. As of May 2015, 35 of the 42 have already been purchased. See even more photos below:



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