This Pen Conducts Electricity – Literally!

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 11.08.26 PM

With the incredible new invention from Japanese startup company AgIC, this “pen” goes far beyond a normal Bic.

After developing an ink that can link electronic circuits, the AgIC team has made it possible–and virtually effortless–to light up virtually anything.

The ink contains silver, which makes any line drawn conductive. In the video, the pen lines connect to the light and battery, turning the paper into an electric circuit.

(And if you want to get really scientific, check out this article in the Journal of Chemical Education.)

The Tokyo-based startup “develops circuit printing systems and goes by the mottoembed electronics into everything in the planet with printed electronics technology’.”

AgIC has future plans to possibly use the technology to help light homes by installing electric circuits with sensors on wallpaper. We can’t wait to see it! And in the meantime, see the amazing conductive pen in action:

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