A Spoof on a Warm, Fuzzy Classic Introduces Toddlers to the World of Zombies. And Parents Love It.

If you thought toddlers are too young to learn about zombies, this book may change your mind.

A truly absurd book turns a bunny into a zombie and makes no sense until you start reading. Then it’s awesome.

Ever hear of a book called, “Pat the Bunny”? It’s one of the best-selling children’s books of all time and even today it’s the #1 Best Seller on Amazon in the Children’s Easter Books. It’s a classic, warm and fuzzy tale that lets children experience the book by touch; like stroking soft bunny fur, or putting their fingers through mommy’s ring, or caressing daddy’s cheek.

The sweet, original book was written by Dorothy Kunhardt, who is no doubt rolling over in her grave thanks to what two freakin’ twisted authors, Aaron Ximm and Kaveh Soofi, have done to her bunny book. And you thought Glenn Close boiling bunnies was as scary as it could get?

zombie bunny before and after pat the zombie

Illustration: Sean Ward

Pat the Bunny is now a zombie, complete with decaying jaw instead of daddy’s cheek, mommy’s empty eye socket, and instead of petting the soft bunny fur; the reader gets to gut the zombie bunny. It’s clever, it’s for adults obviously, and it’s both hilarious and disturbing at the same time. It even has the same protagonists, Paul and Judy, but today they are plodding through a post-apocalyptic childhood that makes them slay and gut their zombie plush toys, along with combating the rotting faces and dangling eyeballs of their zombie parents.

judy reading her survival manual pat the zombie

Illustration: Kaveh Soofi

now you gut the zombie pat the zombie

Illustration: Kaveh Soofi

finger through mommy's skull pat the zombie

Illustration: Kaveh Soofi

peek-a-boo with paul pat the zombie

Illustration: Kaveh Soofi

Here’s a description from their Amazon page, where over 70% of the reviews are 5 stars:

“A macabre mash-up of the children’s classic Pat the Bunny and the present-day zombie phenomenon, with the tactile features of the original book revoltingly re-imagined for an adult audience.”

Check out the video teaser for the morbid macabre mash-up of the children’s classic.

Can’t you just see Rick Grimes reading this to Carl before bedtime…?

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