Finally, a Tinder-esque App to Meet Your New BFFs

hey vina 2

Tinder, the infamous dating app that creates “matches” at the swipe of a finger, has been the inspiration for a new app to find female friends – Hey! VINA.

Founders Olivia June Poole and Jen Aprahamian recognized that creating new friendships as “grown ass women” is often pretty difficult (and especially so if you’re new in town), so they created Hey! VINA to help make it easier.

Grow Your Squad With the Swipe of a Finger

“Female friendships are absolutely essential,” Poole said. “We hope women find their new best friends, traveling partners, brunch dates, wing girls, mommy friends, workout partners, etc. on the platform.”

So how does the app actually work to help you extend your social circle?

hey vinaIt starts with a quick quiz to gauge your general interests and lifestyle habits. Once you’ve completed the intro questions, you can start swiping!

When two users match, a cheerful “Ditto!” will appear, along with a message suggesting that the two users meet in person.“We want our users’ new connections to meet offline as soon as possible,” Poole told The Huffington Post.

“We’re building our introduction artificial intelligence (AI) to consider both parties’ lifestyle preferences and making suggestions for activities to do.”

You Can Never Have Too Many Friends!

The overall goal of the app that brings women together is “to drive a philosophy of community over competition among women,” Poole said. “We hope women everywhere will use the app to find the freedom and confidence that comes from having a strong community of friends supporting you.”

The app is currently available for free download, evolving and improving as it grows and expands into more cities across the country. Here’s to finding your new BFFs!

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