How to Be the “Perfect Wife”

marriage test

Ever wonder if you’re the best partner you could be? The “perfect” husband or wife? Well, Dr. George W. Crane has made an entire list of qualities and habits that are the true sign of a good husband or wife.

In the 1930s, Dr. Crane’s “Blueprint for Happiness” was how marriage counselors assessed the performance of wives.

When you took the test, you could add points for valuable “merits” like (as a wife): “Religious — sends children to church or Sunday School and goes herself. 12. Lets husband sleep late on Sunday and holidays” and “Praises marriage before young women contemplating it.”

However, wives lose points being guilty of any of the following “demerits”: “Reminds husband it is her money they are living on” or “Flirts with other men at parties or in restaurants” or “Is suspicious and jealous.”

Sound crazy? Wait until you see how many “points” are associated with each question. For men, being able to pleasure your wife is worth 20 points, but raising a child for a woman is only worth 5 points.

Obviously, times have (thankfully) changed quite a bit since the 1930s, but it’s still amusing to look back and see how devastating issues such as “uneven stocking seams” could be for a marriage. If nothing else, this “blueprint” is great for a laugh!

Want to take the test for yourself? See how “perfect” you and your partner are here.

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