Hydro Hammock – Your Hot Tub On-the-Go

hydro hammock

Have you ever had the classic, “Man, I need a hot tub RIGHT NOW, but I also want to take it with me in a large box with wheels and tubes,” feeling? Well, your time of yearning is over! Luckily for you, inventor Benjamin Frederick decided to do something about this age-old conundrum and came up with the Hydro Hammock. He says it, “gives us the bliss of a hot tub and the supportive comfort and freedom of a hammock.” As you see him elegantly perched on a random river rock, you can’t help but be convinced of his expertise and wisdom.

After all, what better place to put a hammock then across a rocky, flowing body of water (that you definitely wouldn’t fall into at any point)? How about simply digging a ditch in the middle of the beach, lining it with your Hydro Hammock and filling it with ocean water to play in? I don’t know about you, but there’s really no better place to enjoy the ocean than recreating it in a cramped, two foot ditch a few steps away.

And if you’re not ready to venture out to the ocean or woods with your Hydro Hammock just yet, simply set it up on a small porch, backyard or other area. That way, you can invite your friends over have a Hydro-fondue party!

Just donate to the kickstarter campaign and you can be one of the many customers who is “really stoked” about the Hydro Hammock and all its possibilities. And just in case you were thinking about it, Frederick advises not to “Hammock drunk” and also, “…Don’t do anything drunk, for that matter.”

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