Man Proposes on Cliff, Gets Stuck, & Found to Be High on Meth

helicopter SS

It seems as if proposals have gotten more creative, and yes, even risky. For California man Michael Banks, he wanted to push the limits and decided to climb the side of a cliff to propose to his love–via FaceTime, of course. He chose to scale Morro Rock, a 600-foot landmark just offshore from the community of Morro Bay, but his proposal got off to a remarkably “rocky” start.

His first? Getting stuck before he could finish his video! On his way down, he got caught on a ledge and had to be rescued by helicopter. Luckily, he was not injured during the rescue, but Banks’ ordeal wasn’t over yet.

There are conflicting reports about whether or not Banks’ girlfriend said yes, but at least he got to safety. Unfortunately, he will have to pay for the helicopter rescue, which will easily cost him thousands of dollars.

Worse still, Banks was caught driving erratically and ended up in jail on drug charges. He was apparently in possession of methamphetamines and was suspected of being high during his entire rock-side adventure.

Drugs + 600-foot cliffs = a very, very bad–and dangerous!–proposal. Here’s to hoping she said yes!

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