Tansgender Man Has Surprise Pregnancy

pregnant man

About halfway through his transition from female to male, transgender man Kayden Coleman discovered that he was actually 21 weeks into gestation and not simply gaining weight as he suspected.

“I never thought about getting pregnant. Because of the male hormones, I didn’t think it was a possibility. It was definitely a surprise,” he told the Mirror Online.

The conception was made possible when Kayden was on a 6-week hiatus from taking hormones in preparation for his double mastectomy, or “top surgery,” as it’s often referred to in the transgender community.

Though surprised, Kayden and now-husband Elijah feverishly began preparing for the arrival of their daughter, Azaelia.

Unfortunately, the pregnancy caused tension within the couple’s circle of family and friends, not to mention taking a toll on their marriage. In one video in the couple’s vlog series, Elijah had admitted that the months of pregnancy were “the most miserable months of [his] life.”

After going through a tumultuous pregnancy, even rougher labor and delivery, and a struggle to connect with his new daughter, the “miracle of life” has not been easy for Kayden, but he’s slowly getting used to being a new father.

Here, the couple discusses more details about their experiences:

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