Woman Dresses Her 150 Kids to Support Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50

goats in broncos sweaters 2

Broncos fans, unite! Even before the Denver Broncos‘ exciting win during Super Bowl 50 tonight, one Colorado farming couple made sure that they–and their 150 kids–would be well prepared to support their favorite team.

goats in broncos sweatersRebecca Herberg, who runs a 400-acre goat farm with her husband in Montrose, said she has been busy preparing for the Super Bowl by knitting Denver Broncos sweaters for the 150 baby goats expected to be born on the farm during the coming spring.

Due in April, the kids will be cold, she explains, so the extra layer is the perfect way to warm them up and support their favorite team! All the girls get orange and the boys get blue. “They look like a bunch of little Broncos fans running around down there.”

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos, and all of their human–and animal–supporters. See more adorable footage in the video below.

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