Adult Baby Store Causes Outrage in IL

adult baby

Adult Baby Syndrome,” or paraphilic infantilism, is (you guessed it!), when grown adults choose to dress up, role-play and live as if they are babies.

The sexual fetish seems to be a growing trend, with estimates between 200,000-500,000 people being adult babies in the U.S. and U.K. In one British documentary, “The 15-Stone Babies,” a team aimed to find the reasons why someone would want to be part of this niche.

Many adult babies claim that being a baby allows them to live a childhood they never had, they can escape to a less stressful time, to relax, and many other reasons. But unlike what many might think, being an adult baby has nothing to do with pedophilia.

One of the male “babies” in the documentary explained, “As soon as you mention ‘adult baby’ [the people you’re talking to] all think it’s, you know, pedophiles… we don’t want to be with children. We want to be the child.”

Because of its unusual nature, people who participate in adult baby play have usually kept their fetish habits under wraps–until now. Now open in Mount Prospect, IL, Tykables is one of the first adult baby stores is causing outrage. Many townspeople are fighting to have the business stopped and the business license taken away, but as it stands, there’s no legal reasoning to close it.

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