Snake Comes Through Toilet to Bite Man–For 30 Minutes!

python in toilet

Having a toilet get clogged or finding plumbing problems is a pretty common occurrence in America, but in Thailand, toilets can have a little bit more “exotic” problems.

For Attaporn Boonmakchuay, a quick trip to the bathroom turned into a nightmare when he was savagely bitten by a 9-food python…on his “family jewels,” no less.

The giant snake, which had found its way into the plumbing, had risen from the toilet, and took a bite into Boonmakchuay’s penis–and wouldn’t let go.

After more than a half hour of fighting back, and even with the help of a neighbor with the knife, the snake was not giving up. The end of the ordeal finally happened only when the snake had a split second of weakness.

Boonmakchuay explains: “All of a sudden, while I was holding it, it began to lose some strength so I used my hand to prise open its mouth. Then the snake released its grip by itself.”

Boomakchuay was then rushed to the Chachoengsao hospital, where one of his doctors said he was “lucky”, adding: “if the bite had gone into the urinary tract it would have been a big problem.”

Thankfully, Boomakchuay is predicted to make a full recovery.

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