Atlas, Alphabet’s Human Robot, is Now Even MORE Human

robot boxes
Standing 5-feet and 9-inches tall, and weighing in at a hefty 180 lbs., Atlas, the latest version of the “humanoid robot,” created by Alphabet company Boston Dynamics, has “matured” quite drastically since its original debut in 2013.

robot bullyThe robot is not only smaller and more nimble than ever before, but it has picked up a lot of new skills, too. Atlas is fully mobile now and can open doors and even walk through the snow. Sensors placed throughout the legs and “brain” of the robot help it to easily keep balance even in wet, slick terrain.

The robot can also put objects on a shelf and even get up after toppling over–all of which are made a lot easier thanks to the designers eliminating 120 lbs. and 7 inches of excess material since the first version.

When Atlas isn’t helping out in dire or dangerous circumstances, it is undergoing tests with the researchers. Watch below as Atlas gets bullied and pushed over–and bounces right back up again.



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