Man Spends 21k to Create a Bat Cave in Spare Bedroom

bat cave

There are a lot of people in the world who are fans of the Batman movies and comics, but few would take their bat obsession as far as Englishman Darren Wilson. After collecting more than $21,000 worth of Batman memorabilia in his Calne, Wiltshire home, Wilson needed somewhere to store it, but putting the items in boxes or in drawers wasn’t his style.

So, to give his collection the proper showcasing it deserved, Wilson took a year and half to transform a spare room into the ultimate bat cave to display his impressive collection.

“I was doing the room as a computer room initially and it just came to me,” Wilson told South West News Service. “People who see it are pretty amazed. We like to be different, but every other room is normal.”

After 18 months, 6 different shades of gray paint and plenty of paper mache “stalactites,” the English  bat cave was finished–and Wilson’s wife would like to keep it that way. In one interview, Wilson explains that he promised that the bat cave room was his one and only room to “upgrade.” See inside this amazing room in the video below.

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