Colombian Drug Scopolamine, or “Devil’s Breath,” Eliminates Free Will

devil's breath

A single gram of Scopolamine, or “The Devil’s Breath,” can kill 10-15 people. When used in smaller doses, this odorless, tasteless drug can cause it’s victims to become like “zombies.” Those exposed even to Scopolamine in the air instantly lose their free will and become completely compliant to suggestions and requests–yet remain totally conscious. Even scarier? They often have no memory of the event taking place after the fact.

“You lose all your willpower…you can’t react. You lose the ability to say, ‘Hey! There’s something very wrong will all of this,'” says one victim of the drug, who was coerced into “helping” criminals rob her apartment and take her valuables.

Derived from the brugmansia plant, people have been using the powers of Scopolamine for centuries. In ancient times, it was used to trick people into walking into their own graves, soon to be buried alive.

In current times, one drug dealer from the VICE video below explains, “This stuff only has two uses. To rob…and to kill. Understand?”


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