This Man’s Hands Don’t Burn, Even In Boiling Grease

hands don't burn

In a video from Barcroft TV, one man, a 50-year-old from Chiang Mai, Thailand, mysteriously doesn’t get burned, even by scalding oil. He works outside to fry chicken and as he claims in the video, found out about his “condition” about 7 years ago. While working one day, a squirrel fell into one of his vats, splashing boiling oil all over his face, hands and neck.

He went home immediately and planned to see a doctor the following morning. However, upon waking up, the man found that his skin had not been burned at all–anywhere. Realizing he was perfectly unharmed, he simply went back to work. Now, he pleases tourists and passersby by continuing to fry chicken–with his bare hands. See for yourself in this amazing video.

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