Cop Trapped by Millions of Bees


Bees are in incredibly important part of virtually every aspect of nature. In addition to pollinating flowers, Bees also are largely responsible for the pollination of nearly one-third of all the food that we eat, including apples, broccoli, pumpkins and much more.

In fact, “their role in producing better quality and quantity of harvests, was estimated at $208 billion in 2005,” according to an article from Business Insider.

Unfortunately, transporting these invaluable insects can sometimes lead to messy consequences. In one recent truck crash, 14 million bees were spilled on the roadway, causing disarray (and many, many bee stings). When this happens, all surround cars and passersby are at risk of being swarmed.

See the incredible video that one policeman took from inside his squad car, trapped by millions of escaped bees.

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