So, Hamburger Helper Released a Mixtape…

hamburger helper 1

Yes, the classic dinnertime staple seems to have ventured into an entirely non-food related industry: rap. The iconic Hamburger Helper brand debuted a mixtape on Soundcloud on April Fool’s Day.

Titled “Watch the Stove”, the mixtape currently has more than 13,000 followers on Soundcloud (and is still growing!) and a huge following on social media outlets; it was the #2 trending topic on Twitter shortly after its release.

The album has been described as “fiery” and (only semi-jokingly) “the best album of the year.” In a nod to Jay Z and Kanye West’s 2011 hit album, “Watch the Throne”, both in name and album art, “Watch the Stove” certainly is a work of art.

hamburger helper 2

What’s perhaps even more surprising is that the creators of this incredible marketing campaign are, “a half-dozen unheard of college students from Minnesota in the board room of the General Mills building.” Who would have thought?

Illwin, one of the students credited with making the mixtape, has said that creating the songs was a struggle at first, but it came together after he and the rest of the group simply embraced the project. “You can have fun. That’s what I try to do. I made that beat, and I wrote the lyrics, too—I took that part seriously, too. But, otherwise, I was like, ‘Why not? It’s fun. Let’s enjoy this.”

Check out “Watch the Stove” for yourself, below.

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