Disturbing Play Dough “Portraits”

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Portuguese artist José Cardoso has managed to take a childhood toy and create something truly grotesque.

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Combining Play Dough “sculptures” and portraits of his friends and loved ones, Cardoso’s recent work is hard to look at for most people.

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Cardoso explains the project: “This is a collection of headshots where I try to explore not only the boundaries between classic photography and basic sculpting but also digital and analog image making.”

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He continues, “I’m using regular caucasian skin color play dough for the “faces” and then I photoshop it on the model’s head…” 

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“…I would like to think this project as a low budget tribute to old school Special Effects which can be seen, for instance, on Cronenberg’s movies like Videodrome and Chris Cunningham’s music videos like Rubber Johnny.” No matter what his creative reasoning, all we can see are the images of nightmares! See the rest of his horrific play dough portraits here–if you can stomach them..

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