Edible Beer Holders Help Save Ocean Animals

edible beer

We’ve all heard the scary statistics: every year, thousands and thousands of sea birds, turtles and other marine life are mangled, poisoned, killed or otherwise harmed by the countless plastic beverage rings that end up in the ocean.

Sure, cutting might help prevent some animals but being trapped in a plastic 6-pack, but the turtles and fish will still eat the remaining plastic anyways, and so, the problem persists.

Desperate to do something about it, SaltWater Brewery partnered with New York advertising company We Believers to create a prototype of an edible six-pack ring. After several months of redesigns and extensive testing, they had the first-ever set of completely “green” beverage holders.

Made of excess wheat, barley and other bi-products from the brewing process, brewery co-founder Bo Eaton and his team created new 6-pack holders that looked and felt similar to cardboard. With the help of New York advertising company We Believers, the new rings were were 100% edible and biodegradable.

Now, instead of being harmed by excess rings in the ocean, SaltWater Brewery’s new innovation could actually feed wildlife, not kill it.

It’s clear that better beer brewing practices really can have an impact on the planet. Let’s cheers to that!

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