Man Dangles From Flying Helicopter


Though the reasons for how and why one man ended up hanging from the rails of a helicopter are not immediately clear, one thing is for certain: he’s lucky to be alive.

Following the funeral of public figure and late businessman Jacob Juma of Bungoma county, Kenya, some of his funeral attendees were more than a little bit upset about his passing.

As the helicopter carrying the deceased body was lifting off from the viewing area, two men grabbed on to the helicopter rails and held on tight.

For the first man, he was able to leg to in time to jump down and not cause himself any hard. Unfortunately for the second man, he was holding on and not planning to let go anytime soon.

He help onto the helicopter as it lifts off the ground higher and higher…and still hangs on for dear life. It wasn’t until the helicopter landed on an airstrip that the man finally got his feet back on solid ground.

Fortunately for him, he managed to live through his death-defying stunt, but he did require extensive medical care after it was all over–and legal charges for endangering his own life and the life of the pilot.

See this insane act for yourself!

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